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At PICCA, we are fully aware of how important our reliability and flexibility mean to you and your projects. So, we are here to offer you the choice of using any of our following services whichever you think suit your needs to the best. Furthermore, we are also committed to provide you with an all-included solution package. 

We would like to position our company as a hardware solution company. In addition to hardware, we have a group of long-term local partners and suppliers who work closely with us for software, laboratory testing, packaging and logistics. 

To create a GOOD IDEA

  • Discussion of your idea with the insights we have based on our experience

  • Project blueprint with the main aspects fixed according to your requirements and budgets

  • Estimated project timeline based on your release date 

To design a PRODUCT that delivers the IDEA

  • Create a sketch or a rendering of the product (If you prefer, we can work jointly with your designers)

  • Adding features that reflects the goodness and cleverness of your idea

  • Creating an industrial design (ID) which includes your requirements and reflects your idea. Moreimportantly, we offer our manufacturing advice during the design process to avoid the chances of the design failing at production and the endless modifications.

  • Creating a mechanical design (MD) based on the confirmed ID with our in-house engineers. Additionally, we also provide the service of electronic engineering if the product needs a PCBA. Here, we certainly take into account of all the good features and your special selling points.

  • Preparing BOM based on the ID and MD and also your requirements.

  • Validating the MD with prototyping, and modifying the design according to reviews of the prototypes. Iterating such process to finalise the product design that best deliver your idea.

To manufacture the product

  • Designing the toolings and confirm lead time.

  • Starting tooling production.

  • Organise and manage all the suppliers needed for the project in conjunction with my own production.

  • Prepare the first off-tooling samples for your testing and review. Modifying the toolings acording to your feedbacks.

  • Arrange a small pilot-run production to coordinate all the manufacturing parties and to prepare you with your marketing before your official release date.

  • Arranging mass productions and deliver your products to show the market of your good idea.

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