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Junming (Chris) Hong/ Founder

We started out as a small workshop (HONGYU) in Shenzhen for tooling production back in 1997 when China practically begun to offer the world its manufacturing services for all sorts of products. Over the past 20 years, together with our clients and our working partners, we grew to become a factory capable of offering a full in-house service from designing to manufacturing a product.

During this time, we occasionally saw some projects failing at the doorstep of production even though the initial idea behind it was remarkably smart and innovative. Personally, thinking about it back and forth, those regrettable failures lacked the necessary refinements of production-related details during the early stage of defining and designing. From my point of view, a product development involves four phases which are to create a good idea, to design a product that delivers the idea, to manufacture the product and finally to sell the product.

So, in addition to HONGYU, we created PICCA, a new company to help our clients and partners with all the early steps of their product development to make sure that a good idea can be industrialised. While we’re striking to improve our ability to help, we must endeavour to leave our clients to focus on their marketing and sales so that they can utilise the ultimate commercial value of their good ideas and have a hassle-free product design and manufacturing.

At PICCA, we love to hear from you either it’s just for consultation of technical details or a request for production solution. Even more, we can sit down together like old friends, have a pint of nice lager and chat randomly about the little idea you have in your mind...

So, Got a great idea? We can industrialise it.

Wenneng Hong
Co-Founder / Chief Engineer

Making your good idea become manufacturable with my 30 years of experience

Business Director

Business is founded on communications

Chunlan Liao
Production Director
A good idea deserves good quality

From Our Partner

Matthieu PLANTEY

CEO of KyoKita 

“As I was working on a SmartWatch project for a French jewelry brand, I met Chris who helped us a lot in managing the project in China and provided the necessary parts used in this product. Thanks to him and his factory we managed to deliver on time even in a really tight schedule. From this day, each time I need strong expertise, I ask him. Learning to know each other more and more over time, we decided to work as partners and not only in a client/provider relationship.

Always happy to meet him in France or in China, I know that I can rely on him and in his know-how. And apart from work, it is always a great pleasure to spend time together, having dinner or visiting a nice place ;) ”  

From Aëdle, France

Baptiste SANCHO

CEO of  Aëdle

“From time to time, you encounter some people who are not just about business but also willing to go the extra mile to help a project succeeding.

This is what I found in Chris, who has been not only delivering on times but also providing suggestions, and actively taking part in the development of our project. From the prototyping to the MP, Chris delivers with the ability to understand, and match, high quality expectations.

Would recommend to anyone.” 

From Cosmo Connected, France


Mechanical Engineer of Cosmo Connected

  I have been working with Chris  and his team from PICCA for a year, and I have been impressed by their technical skills,  their reactiveness and their proactiveness.

They do not hesitate to bring forward  proposals to help you to carry out your project. Last but not least, Chris is a  very enjoyable and friendly person.

From AIKA, China

Xiping ZHANG


We worked jointly with PICCA’s team from scratch for developing the control buttons for a variety of our graphene-applied products such as clothes with heating functions and light-weight mattress. We constantly recognize PICCA’s ability either in the early R&D stage or in mass production. Judging by the company size, PICCA is not a very big one but the team has proved to us that they are capable of developing a brand-new product from scratch and that they can always deliver the product on time with the right quality. This is exactly what we expect from a right and responsible partner.

From Avantree, U.S.A


COO of Avantree

We have been working with PICCA (previously Hongyu) since 2008 when we just started our business. We worked on many different projects together, and Hongyu has always been able to offer us proposals which suited our needs very well. We’re very pleased to see that PICCA is growing together with its customers. We saw not only how they expanded their services to better serve their customers but also the investments they put into their factory to improve the capacity for manufacturing more and more advanced consumer electronics.

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