Luko Smart Protection Set


Luko has reinvented home insurance with social responsibility and technology.

It is the number 1 neo-insurance company in France, insuring more than 40,000 homes, and the fastest growing insurtech company in Europe. 


Smart Protection

Luko don't sit still waiting for the next damage. Luko develops and provides intelligent protection technology to prevent and reduce the impact of damages. 

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Luko Bridge

Luko Elec

Connected to your wifi, it collects and analyzes data from different   sensors around your home.

Analyses temperature

Attached to your electric meter, it analyzes your electrical                 

consumption in real time.

Detects appliances

Advises on energy use

      Monitors dangerous                appliances

Luko Alert

Your internet is disconnected

Luko Alert

Electric stove left ON

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Be Aware!

SMS (text message)

If Luko detects anything odd, you'll directly receive an alert on your phone.

Self Learning

No need to spend hours configuring Luko. 

Install the sensors in 2 mins and, in a few weeks, the AI will learn about your home.

Energy Management

Protecting your nest is our first priority. 

In addition, we also help lower your energy consumption and reduce your bills + environmental impact.

Services Provide by PICCA

* Design

 1) Mechanical Review and Improvements


* Industrialization

1)  Housing Prototyping 

2) Plastic Molding

3) Plastic Injection

 4) Silk Printing

5) Metal Production

- Metal Molding



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