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R-pur is a French company provides connected antipollution masks.


R-pur Nano Mask dedicated for motorcycles.

Anti-fog, thermo-control and adapted to your helmet.

Your new companion who will protect you every day.


Optimal comfort

Thermo-Control® technology keeps you cool in summer and protects you from cold air in winter.

The hot air extraction valve allows the hot air flow to escape 60 times faster than a conventional valve.

We have selected both premium and water-repellent materials which allow our masks to be waterproof while remaining very breathable.

water p.png          Water Proof            

 104ba0e8d84926f458e149b46cf90aa.png         Temperature-Control®




10x higher
than the European standard FFP3


The R-PUR Nano® mask is the most effective anti-pollution mask in the world.

With these 5 layers of filtration, it is able to effectively protect you against gases, odors, pollens, bacteria, viruses, diesel and toxic fine particles present in the air.

R-PUR Nano® is the first effective nanofiltration solution against ultrafine particles or nanoparticles.

b81ed0760d6e735d70fa96c9cd57b72.png         Pollen                

 626ccf3cee1192626741c56cb04572a.png        Bacteria - Viruses




Technology for your health


The R-PUR mobile app is available exclusively with your R-PUR Nano® mask 

She will be able to follow the evolution of your interchangeable filter to replace it at the right time.

Each filter is made up of a unique certificate to validate its authenticity: a verification process will be initiated by scanning a unique QRCode when it is replaced.

2c4798499471da7d2819326603909ab.png         iPhone

fc22c343389d8b5ea2550fad0f52fbd.png          Android


Services Provide by PICCA


*Production – Reinforced aluminum ring


1) Prototyping

2) Jig Production

3) Mass Production

- Metal Turning

- CNC Machining

- Anodization

- Laser Engraving



*Supply Chain


During the pandemic of COVID-19, R-pur is preparing their own factory in France for medical mask. PICCA helps in


1)  Sourcing Mask Machines

2)  Sourcing Raw Materials

3)  Certification

4)  Logistics


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